Friday, June 5, 2009

Paid to click websites - Not filling my pocket

ately, I have been upto trying a lot of new things. I will write about my experiments, but I have not been able to keep up with paid to click websites for a long time again. So yesterday I go to check my account balance and I see no big gains. Well, my next target is going to be paid to click websites, and I am going to make that big in terms of new sign-ups and earnings. I will tell you about the start and end date and I will tell you my target for the whole thing.

This is another time I’m telling you to join the paid to click websites that you find on the list on the right. I see big potential, because people actually are earning thousands of dollars a month through this. If you have lost faith in these paid to click websites and are not clicking ads, remember clicking ads is what makes the system work. If you stop doing that, sooner or later you’ll earn almost nothing. That is what I learned from my experience. I’ll also write about the biggest problem I faced using these paid to click websites, and how you can get rid of it.

Update of Paid to Click Websites

It has been a while since I last talked about paid to click websites. I am not talking about top earners this time, since it has been a long time, I’ll just give some news of what’s been happening. I have been inactive on paid to click websites for more than 3 weeks, but still my referral earnings kept it up for me. Now that I have gotten back on paid to click websites, I am going to do some serious money-making ideas on it to speed it up.

I am also going to filter the list of paid to click websites again as they are a lot to take care of and if they’re not as good as they should be, just put them aside. As for I’m thinking of upgrading my account and getting a master card to get my payments a little quicker from them because right now payments to standard members are extremely slow. So if you still have not joined some of the paid to click websites you can find the list in the sidebar and join them.


Monday, July 14th, 2008

After, the second website that has already paid me two times is Clixsense. It is one of those paid to click websites which have existed from the beginning and is one of the most famous at the moment. Unlike other websites which pay only $0.01 per ad or less, clixsense has a minimum price of $0.01 per ad and the maximum that I have clicked yet is of $0.50, it is the choice of the advertiser to set any price per click above $0.01.

However, as many websites offer referral earnings to be earned at a rate of 100%, etc. Clixsense does not give any referral earning, it puts $0.10 in your account into your account for every person that signs up as your referral, now whether that person clicks 100 ads per week or nothing at all, you simply get $0.10 on his sign-up. However, you can earn a lot of money with the big number of ads available to premium members.

It costs $10.00 to be an upgraded member at Clixsense, and once you do so there are more than 525 ads only for premium members, which makes you $5.25 right at the spot assuming that they are $0.01 ads, they cannot be less but they can be more. You get more ads daily as compared to free members and you make more money

I think investing $10.00 into this website would be a very right decision as it could pay you off at a very good rate. Moreover, if the person you referred to clixsense upgrades to a premium member then you get $2.00 as affiliate commission.

This means if you refer 20 people every month who upgrade their accounts to premium membership as well, you make $42.00 . You also get 10% of the advertising revenue collected by your referrals advertising on the website. So overall, it is way more than just a paid to click website, and offers you a lot of ways to earn money.

They do not use any sort of online payment processor for payment and pay directly by check, which has a minimum of $10.00 . I am saying that because I have already got two checks from them and I am waiting for my third one. I highly recommend all to join clixsense, you can click here to join it.

Update of paid to click websites

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

This week the earnings at paid to click websites were pretty fast especially for a load of new people signing up. Also, I received a comment on one of my articles for a reader who wanted me to tell more about paid to click websites, well I have already written an introductory article for that and you can read it. Moreover, I have some websites that will be added into the ‘Money-makers’ list the coming week and so you can expect the earnings to rise this month. As for those who are reading an update of paid to click websites for the first time, in this update I give the top five earners of the week that I recommend all to join. Here they are:

  2. 07bux
  3. Daddybux
  4. IsabelMarco
  5. Advercash

Unfortunately, this week Clixsense has dropped of the top five list because of slow earnings, I will be write an article on Clixsense so you can know more about it. The rest of the list has remained the same, although is giving almost the same number of ads as 07bux, since I have more referrals on it my earnings are multiplied by the number of referrals which makes a lot. I will say one thing again, that join the websites in the top five above only if you will stay active on the website, do not just click ads for one day and then leave the website, if you want to make money then you better commit yourself to it.

Update of paid to click websites

Back with another update of paid to click websites, but I am ashamed of not being able to do the work on paid to click websites regularly but still I have come with some fine results. You might have noticed that I have refined the ‘money-makers’ list in the sidebar by excluding those websites which I thought were not capable of helping me earn in the long run. Those two are 5buxs and adbux, although 5buxs had some signs of helping me generate some money, but I heard from many people saying that it is a scam. Whereas, Adbux is completely pathetic. Their system has gone from bad to worse and they have worthless ads on their website. Here are the top five earners:

  2. 07bux
  3. Daddybux
  4. IsabelMarco
  5. Clixsense

There is not much change in the list except that clixsense has just entered the top five earners. I will soon be writing an introduction on clixsense as it a very good website to earn money, they pay you very good if you upgrade to a premium account. For this week’s earnings I pay some credit to the new referrals who just signed up under me, but although I can mention some names, I will not for there are many new referrals who have become inactive just after the first day when they joined the website. It is pretty simple, Don’t join a website if your intentions are not to continue being active on it. This way you are simply wasting your time, if you join a website then commit yourself to continue clicking ads on it daily or at least every alternate day, so please don’t do a favor for me by signing up for any of these websites if you are going to become an inactive user. Whereas, if you are serious on earning money on the Net and will be active, then you’re highly welcome to join all of these top five earners.

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