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How To Earn Money Online

Ways To Earn Extra Money Online

I have no idea about the difference between earn money and make money. But I thought that earn money would better suit this article. To me earn money is something where you put hard work and actually work for someone to earn money whereas that’s not the actual case. Anyways, I’ll get the valuable information rolling for you to make money.

As my about page suggests, I have been into earning money almost all my life. Though my life has so far been only of 16 years but I can skillfully make use of that experience to find good ways to earn money online. Of course, I have had hurdles whenever I wanted to earn money. At times it was my age, at other times it was the limitations of the country I live in and at other times it was just a lack of money needed.

After a lot of trial and error I have in fact earned extra money. So the first thing you need to understand is that I’m talking about earning extra money. The difference is that earning extra money is the extra chunks of cash that can supplement your income. Not to be your basic source of income, although you may refer to the last lines of the article. The main feature of making extra money is that it doesn’t involve loads of hard work or knowledge.

Using Ebay To Earn Extra Money

When it comes to extra money the first thing that ever came into my mind was Ebay. So how you make money with ebay is pretty darn simple. To sum it up in 13 words: Ebay is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell products online. You can earn extra money with ebay by just selling off items in your house that are no longer in use. Not only can you earn extra money but you might as well pull in your entire income with this way.

Using Paid To Click Websites To Earn Extra Money

Though I do not recommend to rely on this as a permanent or reliable source of extra money but the only reason I’m recommending it now is because it is really easy. You can read my review about using it to make money on the internet.

Providing Easy Services To Earn Extra Money

There is a whole list of services you could provide to people but listed below are the most easiest and the highest returns compared to the work you put into it:

  1. Write Articles: If you’re a good writer you can write then you can easily pull in a few hundred dollars a month. You can usually make upto $5 per article which is usually 500+ words and unique. You can contact webmasters on forums to let them know about your services.
  2. Acquiring Tedious Jobs: Many times I’ve seen threads in forums put up by webmasters offering money to people for doing some tedious jobs. It might include copy/pasting stuff or editing loads of documents. There are mostly some of these jobs available in the forums and you can check them out by visiting famous forums like digitalpoint.
  3. Blog Commenting: As we webmasters know, blog commenting can be quite useful in a website’s growth and hence many webmasters also look for ways to outsource this. You can usually put up a thread telling about your services and charge fees like $10 for 20 comments or similar. It shouldn’t be hard to get in some extra 30 dollars a month.
  4. Promotion Services: Recently after the use of twitter grew I’ve been seeing many people trying to make profits. Example: Andrew has a twitter profile has around 5000 followers all targeted in the sports niche and he is active and so is his following. Andrew goes to a forum and offers a 1 line review plus link to a website in the sports niche for $50. Andrew gets a couple of requests a month and makes around $500 per month easily.
  5. Contest Participating: You might want to check in for contests which are always running around the web. Recently, I saw one for $500 and an iPod Nano. Which is not a bad thing at all if you see the easy thing you have to do to be entered as a participant.

The list goes on and in fact I have way more than just those listed. But I tried to keep the list open to anyone. I also tried to make sure it did not involve any costs and most importantly was extremely easy to apply and get it working. If you have any more really easy ways to earn extra money then let me know and if it’s good enough you might get credit for it.

Take initiative on the list and I will not be surprised if you came back after a few months telling me that you’re making an extra $500 per month after a couple of weeks. This may prove to be even more beneficial to those people who keep checking their Adsense accounts every hour just to find that they earned $0.01 today. Get a hold of yourself as well as this list and get going! :-P

Paid to click websites - Not filling my pocket

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Lately, I have been upto trying a lot of new things. I will write about my experiments, but I have not been able to keep up with paid to click websites for a long time again. So yesterday I go to check my account balance and I see no big gains. Well, my next target is going to be paid to click websites, and I am going to make that big in terms of new sign-ups and earnings. I will tell you about the start and end date and I will tell you my target for the whole thing.

This is another time I’m telling you to join the paid to click websites that you find on the list on the right. I see big potential, because people actually are earning thousands of dollars a month through this. If you have lost faith in these paid to click websites and are not clicking ads, remember clicking ads is what makes the system work. If you stop doing that, sooner or later you’ll earn almost nothing. That is what I learned from my experience. I’ll also write about the biggest problem I faced using these paid to click websites, and how you can get rid of it.

The Effect of a Product Launch on a Website’s Traffic

Friday, September 12th, 2008

We all know that Google just launched their own browser called Chrome. Everybody including you and me were excited about the whole thing and wanted to be updated with each and everything on it. Unfortunately Google was the only one knowing about it and so they were the only direct source of updates related to the browser, so that meant people were going directly to them. The browser launched on 2nd Sepetember and then again who was the one to give updates? Google itself was making use of it’s blog as a source of updating people. Well despite the big reader-base of Google’s blog their traffic has been always with the other normal blogs on the Net. But now I’m about to show you what Google Blog experienced on the day Chrome was released:

Google Blog's traffic

That is at least a five-digit visitors in one day. The one above is just one example, you can think of all the blogs that were totally dedicated to firefox before its launch and you should have seen the rise in their traffic during those days, it was completely massive. If you consider Chrome and Firefox as products you’ll get to know a little better about how you can hit a traffic jackpot. A recent example is that of olympics, dozens of olympics related articles were on the front page of digg couple of times everyday and you had 90% more chance of hitting the front page on digg if you wrote a unique article related to it during the olympics.

The smart move should be that when the next ‘big’ thing comes up, the first hot thing about it should be up first and submitted to stumbleupon and Digg and then watch what happens, you also have a chance of hitting big on search engines. Remember, when something becomes old, even a few hours, you have less chances of getting traffic as the one with the most early and best content is more likely to get majority of the traffic.

Some Internet Marketers also consider buying domain related to the keywords, as that can get you a pretty sweet landing page for some good related offers so you can make money availing this opportunity as well. Although it may be impossible to get such an effect on traffic as that of Google Blog but , you can get a lot more traffic than you think you can.

Update of Paid to Click Websites

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

It has been a while since I last talked about paid to click websites. I am not talking about top earners this time, since it has been a long time, I’ll just give some news of what’s been happening. I have been inactive on paid to click websites for more than 3 weeks, but still my referral earnings kept it up for me. Now that I have gotten back on paid to click websites, I am going to do some serious money-making ideas on it to speed it up.

I am also going to filter the list of paid to click websites again as they are a lot to take care of and if they’re not as good as they should be, just put them aside. As for I’m thinking of upgrading my account and getting a master card to get my payments a little quicker from them because right now payments to standard members are extremely slow. So if you still have not joined some of the paid to click websites you can find the list in the sidebar and join them.

Using Firefox to speed up your Online Money-Making Process

Friday, July 25th, 2008

If you haven’t switched to firefox yet then you must do so because as I tell people how they can make money online, now I’ll tell you how you can speed up that process using firefox. Moreover, that is not only for those who are involved in money-making, this can speed up your overall internet experience. Although the majority of the readers of this blog are already using firefox, but 38.52% of the readers are not. So this is for this minority representing almost 1/3 of my readers, so I can help them out with the best for them.

Although, you might be using any type of a browser like Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, Konqueror, etc. I will be focusing on a comparative study with Internet Explorer as that is the second biggest biggest majority of the readers. If we just focus on paid to click websites. If it normally takes you up to 8 minutes on each website clicking ads, you could spend 10 minutes clicking ads on 5 of them at a time. Of course, you may also open five windows of internet explorer to do that, but at firefox you could make that more quicker using tabs. You can open any website in a new tab by simply clicking on it with the scroller button on the mouse. Moreover, that doesn’t make your computer as slow as Internet Explorer does. If you use Internet Explorer version 7.0 or above you can use tabs there as well but it will not be as fast because switching through tabs and opening them is very quick in firefox as compared to internet Explorer.

What I am trying to tell here is not that you can save hours of extra time you spend on the internet, but at least minutes to be concise which you spend on the computer waiting for the window to open, or waiting for the frozen computer to respond. It may be a little too complicated for some, but internet Explorer downloads the contents of a website in a different way from firefox, firefox usually shows up the structure of the website with the images and other media types still loading in it, whereas internet Explorer usually shows up a website when most of the downloading is done so that means if your work is very little on the website and the website is very heavy, you waste a lot of time there. This way you can save time not only on paid to click websites, but related things like dropping entrecards at websites, you can bookmark websites and then with a simple click of you scroller button they’d be added to your tabs. I’m writing this because time is very precious and we should try to maximize the work with the least time on the Internet, and if just switching a browser can help you do that then I think it is completely worth using Firefox as your browser.

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